How to Make money On Your Blog Without Google Adsense

Related imageThis Post is Specially for Bloggers Who have been Waiting in Vain for Google Adsense.

Your Adsense Application Was Disappoved or Banned? Why should you blog if you don’t have Adsense?
I know you are thinking the same as I mentioned above  But to be honest I don’t like adsense too much,it's quite Personal cause,i teach people how to Apply,get approve and earn with Adsense but i was never approved.Sad right?
But if your don’t have Adsense than you don’t need to worry about that as today we are discussing How to Make Money without Adsense.
What i want to show you is the easiest method,instead of beating round the bush with other almost good methods,i present you the Best
The network was founded in 2011 with the basic idea for providing clickable ads for website audience and in turn generating revenues from them. They have come a long way in their ordeal and are currently providing more than 650 million daily ad impressions for desktop and mobile visitors. That is a wonderful achievement.
After thoroughly analysing what it had to offer, I came to a conclusion that this was an ad network which to cater to a more diverse group of clients and help them generate increased revenues from their pages. Technically speaking I found Propeller Ads to be a better alternative to AdSense.

  • It is open to all
  • It is publisher friendly
  •  It is advertiser friendly too!
  • On Click ads
  • Video ads friendly

I don't think i need to explain why,i'll just advise you waste no more Time
Start Earning with your blog!

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